15th july / 1st august 2010

ascoli piceno - palazzo dei capitani

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Born in 1930 in Rotella, a small italian town located in the Piceno area from a noble family, he is now living in Grottammare.

After studying in the Montalto delle Marche Seminary, he shortly approaches technical studies in Ascoli Piceno and then attends the Art Lycée in Rome and Bologna. Here he enters the Fine Arts Academy and the Clementina Academy, working for the famous painter Ferri. Years full of art, love and university spirit.

But the Bohemian life is just a short period: when 13, he is present at his father’s death; when 20, he is retired from the school by his family.

Caught by politic events which have been exciting him since his adolescence thanks to the exceptional frequentation and influence of some political personages, he takes distance from his professional fate also facing different working experiences.

In 1963 he marries the great love of his life Marisa Francesca Simonetti, who gives him three children.

During the 60’s and 70’s he is fully plunged into the local economical problems and distinguishes himself for his activism and initiative not always lucky.

In this period, his artistic vein is not completely dead yet suffocated under heavy matters from where it constantly re-emerges as human and poetic relief for this artist urged by material needs.

In 1978, at last, his artistic personality comes out from the schemes derived from his social responsibilities and gives birth to the polychromatic sensism.

Spurred by his friend, the critic Giuseppe Novelli and fully aware of his renewed creative power, he decides to go back to the public artistic activity, left for a long time.

He exhibits in San Benedetto del Tronto, in Rome and New York and the success, derived both from the critic and from the public, is full, convincing and immediate.



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